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About Us

The Story Behind Palm Beach Foods

Our family has been enjoying our home-made delicate cookies for generations.

After gathering raw and organic ingredients like cocoa, nuts and fruit from her own farm, Grandma would stand in her tiny kitchen in a small town in southern Spain and meticulously prepare the perfect treat for us all to enjoy.

We’d share them with our neighborhood friends and soon everyone in town looked forward to town gatherings and pot luck parties because they knew Grandma would be making her delicious and highly addictive healthy specialities. She would always say, “If you’re eating my cookies then you’re part of me.”

Although her children and grandchildren are now spread out across Spain, the United States and Argentina, it’s these special cookies that keep us connected across continents. These delicious snack treats have become our passion,
and we are so humbled to share them with you.

We strive to provide healthy alternatives deliciously crafted with care for you to enjoy.

Our Passion

Grandma taught us the importance of using raw and natural ingredients, how it fuels our bodies and comforts our souls. We continue that tradition by using only the finest organic ingredients in all of our products.

It took many years to perfect the recipe, create additional flavors and maintain high quality freshness and taste that we remember savoring as children.

Our Team

Whether you live along the white coast of Spain near Grandma or somewhere else in the world, when you taste the these special treats, you become part of us and our family.

We hope these specialties become a memorable part of your generation’s story and tradition, and inspire healthy living for your family like it has ours.

Our Products

Discover the delicious taste of Chocorice

Chocorice™ – Delicious rice delights with a variety of savory fillings such as lemon, caramel and PB&J.

Try Almondra

Almondra™ – Decadent almond cookies with a light, savory sugar coating or heavenly chocolate drizzle.